Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

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During the SOA Galleries day, I especially like pictures about people posing in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery. This shows that it is a great activity and people are having fun with art. By trying out the pose of the piece you also understand more about that the artist try to say and learn from your own experiment.

11899450_1643616905877583_1721567687_n 11887277_1475668799401378_626787039_n

The Instagram Day actually connected people together. Just by surfing around #art110f15, I can see the CSULB campus in a lot of perspectives. There are places that I never went to like the Pyramid and the Japanese Garden. The pictures made me wants to go there immediately. Or the picture of the physic experiment (I guess) shows me what happen around the campus or even bigger around the world.

Even though, taking selfie of my personal life is not what I’m used to do and feel comfortable of doing so. It is fine in a group of friends I already knew or in my family but just not to public. This is a trend in recent and the future. I could totally understand that it is a way to enjoy life and I saw how it connected people together as a social media page by sharing pictures and comments.


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