Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

FullSizeRender_2For this week artist conversation, I went to Max L. Gatov East Gallery and met Nick Bamford. Bamford used abstract sculpture fore his show. There are 8 pieces of posing human body that made from cement, plaster, clay, and wood. They don’t have any specific name. Bamford just calls them with simple names depend on their pose like the Guitar Man, the Woman, the Sitting Guy. I thought part of what made the pieces of famous artists become famous is the title. He lets the viewers explore on their own and have different perspectives on his arts.

Each piece is made from materials that found randomly then sculpted together. There are even wire and computer parts inside one of the pieces. Most of the materials are hard and not easy to pose but the outside look was covered by plaster and clay giving the viewers a way of how hard Bamford has worked on it. It took him one to two days for each piece and he started to work on this show a month ago. He just simply shows his vision through his arts. there are no central point for the show as he said it could be the Woman and the Guitar man but it just depends on you, the viewer.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

Nick Bamford focused on the process of making art more than the final piece. He enjoys the time of sculpting, gluing, twisting, and stacking everything together. Bamford mentioned about childhood art. It is the art with no paper, no plan or anything to begin with. He just begins the work when he feels like it and make anything that come up in his head. This is the reason why he chose abstract sculpture because the outcome are most likely unpredictable and there are more than one perspective depend on the viewer. He sculpted human bodies because he wants to see it alive and represent like a snapshot of life.

The way he ordered in the room look like a picture of a society or something smaller like a park. It shows people are enjoying their life but there are also deep down stories for each pieces. The show is in a bright room blending in with the gray color of the clay made the viewers go from happiness to sadness depend on how hard you think about the pose. Just like the Guitar Man, he might play a happy song with his love, the Woman, next to him. But what I saw is an old man playing a love song and a woman just pass by on the street. This is Bamford’s idea and I think this is what art really is. It is the way for the artist to express himself. People then look at the piece and see themselves inside it.

You can see more of Nick Bamford’s work on: Instagram @nickbamf4d


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