Wk4 – Activity – Painting

IMG_5397This week’s activity is graffiti painting. I have to go to my grandfather’s house so I decided I will do the work there. As you can see it looks really ugly, at least for me. This is my first time doing graffiti and also first time using spray paint. I enjoyed doing it with my little sister. She kind of messing it up a little at the end. My parent has no idea what a computer science student has to do with painting.

IMG_5374 IMG_5381

Even though it looks nothing like I expected, but the process was fun, with a little smell because of the spray. I am better at the original drawing on paper. The spray’s size is hard to control. I have to keep adding layer on layer to fix it just like the video on beacharts.ca but it doesn’t work out.
IMG_5384 IMG_5387

I see that graffiti and any other kind of arts need practice. It is the way to improve your skills and develop your own style.


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