Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Kelvin Japco

IMG_5358I met Kelvin in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West this Thursday. He is studying Business major. This is the major that I first crossed out from my list of choices. This is the picture of us in front of The Lullaby of David De Mendoza. Kelvin is also a third semester student likes me. Even though he is studying about business but Kelvin wants to work as a IT (Information Technology). I am taking Computer Science major. One of my goal after graduated is also becoming an IT.

Kelvin has a younger brother who is 16 years old. It only take about 10 minutes for him to drive home. He is taking five classes this semester. I think it would be a tie schedule for him even though some of them are one unit classes.

For the question of the week, what is art? Kelvin thinks art is a way of expressing yourself to the others. Through art you can shows your feeling, emotion and experiments. I also think the same thing. I think art is also a way to connect people and without art this world is just a desolate land.

You should look at Kelvin’s page, he have a really cool head picture: LINK.


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