Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

IMG_5431This week’s activity is to spend a night without electricity. This is not my first time experimenting this. When I was a kid I lived in the country side in Vietnam for 2 years. There was no electricity back then. We don’t use candles but instead used the fireflies. When the sun down, you can easily catch the fireflies around the house. I love to sit around my grandfather at night and listen to his stories about different kinds of ghost and the Vietnam War. Without electricity, I usually play outside with neighbors. I also like to climb trees to get fruits, especially mango. This activity brought back a lot of memory.

IMG_5432For the activity, I decided to read a book that I bought during the Summer trip in Vietnam. I was too busy with school. As a Computer Science, most of my works are on the computer. This night, without the electricity, I can finally have a little time to rest and enjoy my book with the candle light. Now everyone is busy with their own activities. There is no more story teller and their is nothing outside to play in the city. Without electricity, there are no more social media and now you can clearly see the side effect of those websites.


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