Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Tyler Nakashima

This week’s classmate is my new friend, Tyler Nakashima. Tyler is studying Health Science. He is a really active guy.
IMG_5415We actually talked a lot about gaming. Tyler is a Street Fighter fan. I also like the series of Street Fighter but didn’t have a chance to play yet. I shared with him that I just got a new laptop and want to play some good games. That why we talk about this topic. He plays with the arcade game controller with coincidentally I just watch the movie Pixels the other day also about arcade games. He played it at the USU on campus. I saw him carrying the controller in the first day of Artist Conversation week.

For the question of the week, what do you swim in? I personally think we are swimming in the time of technology. Exploring from that, Tyler thinks we are swimming in the time of “You could know everything”. Our generation doesn’t need to experiment everything to know everything.  We have what call Internet, especially Google. We could just stay at home and know what is happening around. But that doesn’t mean that we knew everything. There is a good side but also a bad side if we don’t know how to use it correctly. Some might say Facebook is just waste of time but it might give you the information you want to know. He said maybe what you like to do in life is care about people around you. It just depends on how you see the world.

You can see more of Tyler’s cool pictures of the past activities on: http://tylernakashima.com/


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