Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art (Periscope)

IMG_5455For this week activity, this is my first try of Periscope and also my first time go on public media. I will talk about my experiment of Periscope during this week.

I did a broadcast before bed time introducing my laptop and some programs that people might use as a Computer Science after graduated. Not many view of course, but it is something new to me, that’s all. Just like what I see during other classmate’s Periscope, the viewers down to zero after awhile. I don’t think that is bad but just because we don’t really have any real activity for people to watch yet.

Instead of broadcasting, I had lots of fun time watching other people’s Periscope. I don’t look for famous people or top people on Periscope. I look for normal people who are having their normal life all around the world. I focus on places around Europe and Asia like Germany, England, and Korea. Sadly that there is no one using Periscope in Vietnam.


I found her in Korea. The title is “Korean class”. It made me curious on how the class in Korea look like, how are they studying and stuff. In the future, if everyone uses Periscope, I can see all the place on the world in real time. Not just far away land, I found that there is a climbing wall in the gym. I didn’t know that before but now thanks to Periscope and classmates I found something interesting in the school.

One thing I don’t like about Periscope is that when you follow too many people, you will get notifications all the time and if you turn that off then you won’t know who are broadcasting.


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