Wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Aron Chek

IMG_5436Aron Chek, a friendly classmate that I met on Periscope! He was broadcasting in the CSULB Library. I want to have conversation with him about the new Iphone 6S he just bought. Aron was a Mechanical Engineering and switch to Film because he thinks engineering is just too much work and it is not fit for him. Aron is an open guy. Everyone can easily talk to him. He loves Asian foods. He went to downtown LA just because there is lots of food.

We actually had our conversation on Periscope instead of meeting in real person. He says that he was trying to study but I guess I was interrupting his study time. You can find him at the Library every night. He is always there with friends.

For the question of the week, “what do colors make you feel?”, instead of talking about all the color, I asked him what color does he like. It’s black. Aron says black is a peaceful and calm color. By looking at the color he feels at rest and happy.

He had many conversation in one day, you might want to check it out by click here.


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