Wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art (Snapchat)

IMG_5503 IMG_5504

This week activity is about making art on Snapchat. This is my first time actually using it. It was a little bit confused to me at first because most of the action are hold and slide. Personally, I don’t really like this app just because of the layout and control. For me, I have the same experience with Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope. All of them have the same purpose of social media and connecting people.

IMG_5501 IMG_5500

I think each app is for different group of people. In class, they said that they are now like Snapchat more than others. As you can see in this generation, students prefer to have text message more than a directly phone call. This might be a reason why Periscope didn’t pop up yet. Instagram is more like a showcase. With Snapchat, you can draw on them or do whatever you want with the picture. I think that is why it become a trend at this time because young people prefer more freedom, informal stuff.


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