Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

IMG_5468This week artist conversation is about Jane Weibel. She is thirty years old and a junior student at CSULB. Her gallery is in Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Weibel changed her major from graphic designer to ceramics. She said that she wants to keep going on her past, a creative child. She had always creative in her work and she want to become the greatest ceramic artist.


Walking in the gallery, you immediately feel the energy of childhood. Weibel states that her works are her past memories. She got inspired from her family member, who passed away from Alzheimer. The show was able to fulfill Weibel with memories when she was a kid.

Even though it is Weibel’s memories, I can feel myself in each work, at least part of it. Most of us had a wonderful childhood, which contains both happiness and sadness. Each of them brought back not just one but multiple memories.

Jane Weibel took about two months to finish this show. she used ceramics, fiber and twist ties for the art. With ceramic art, Weibel say she are able to shape the art the way she wants it to be. Personally, I also like ceramic art. It give you both physically and mentally views.

Jane Weibel’s Instagram: @janemargarette


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