Wk8 – Activity – Mobile Public Art (Somebody)

IMG_5507 IMG_5508

For this week’s activity, I chose to try out Somebody app. At first, the app is really confused me. I have to go to the official website to read what is it about. I also have to watch some advertisement video on the app to see how it work. I see this happen a lot to students on Thursday. They don’t really know what to do with the app

I finally got it after the video. It is basically a message app but instead using somebody (in most case, a stranger) to deliver your message. I think the idea is really cool. It tried to fuse technologies and real life social together. The goal is to make a connection between people.


Even though it has a really cool idea, I personally think it is not going to work out in real life. Thursday was fun. We were going around and delivering the message. But it happened because at least we are all classmates and this is an activity. But in real life, we are not going to just jump out and talk to a completely stranger. Another important issue about this app is the theme. The trend for app right now is slime and flat with the most two colors. At the end, it is fun to try out and I actually surprised about this idea.


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