Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

IMG_5520This week artist conversation is about Rhiannon Aarons. Aarons already started her art training when she was seventeen years old. Her gallery show is held in Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Aarons previously attended Otis College of Art and Design before coming to CSULB. Not only a college student, she is also a teacher. She taught portfolio class and disability students how to paint. Her show is named Ex Libris.  I am a fan of traditional drawing and her show is full of traditional works. It is not something fancy but stand out in the art world.

First time hearing of the name Ex Libris, I thought about the word “Libra”, something snake-like. There are different series of the show. the first part is represent the serpent in human body. Aarons said that it is the serpent in the Garden of Eden, or the Garden of God. By looking at the art below, I can see not only the human body but also feel the demon inside.

The second part is the skull of Hecate. She is commonly know as the Greek goddess of crossroads. Even though she is a goddess, this is not a skull of human. I love how she didn’t show just only the final piece but all the previous works of the piece. This gave the viewers the respective necessary for the artist’s work.


It took Rhiannon Aarons a year to finish the show. her works is not only about the harship of drawing but also her experience and research of each topic of the piece. There are three mains objects, skull, human body and snake. I enjoyed the show because I love mythical stories especially about Greek gods.

Rhiannon Aarons’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhiannonaarons


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