Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling (Character Analysis)


For this activity, I decided to use the fiction character that I has created six years ago. This character is one of the mark of my life. I created her when I move to the U.S. At that time I was depressed and decided to create a new person with new life.

She is a 25 years old Vietnamese. She came from the same country, same city, same street as me. She also moved to U.S. but with different reason. Her full name came from the first initial of my full name. She also have the same birthday (with different year) as mine. Basically, I created a character cloning myself but different gender and age. At first, She has no background, no story at all. I created her story through time depend on the questions that people gave her.

Instead of create a fiction world, my team chose to create fiction characters but interact in the real world. This way, we can easily see how other people react when you are something different. The goal for this week is just to see people’s behaviors on different group of people.


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