Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling (Experience)

geghWe started this activity on Thursday so there isn’t many things to talk about. The goal was to see the behavior of other people. For that purpose, I will talk about my experiences in six years so far.

At first I chose a character that six years older than me because I seem older than my age. I don’t really like to play with people at my age but rather talk with older people. During the time I use this character, I see that people give more respect to me because I’m old enough to have experience that they don’t. They also talk with me more nicely because I’m a woman. I don’t get any message that most of the teenager girls get like “you are sexy” and stuff because I’m old enough to be serious.

For my character’s story, it is not something about fairy tale. I used my own stories and transfer them to fit with the fiction character. My story is nothing special but with the community that I involve, it is what they dream for. They dream about coming to U.S., have job and freedom. On the other side, I created this character because I want to get back to where I was before. That is just how people are, you will never satisfy with what you have.

This is the two account I used:



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