Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

IMG_5567This week’s artist is Maccabee Shelley! Shelley’s show is in Max L. Gatov Gallery West. He grew up in Los Angeles. Shelley then moved to San Francisco because he hate the hot weather in L.A. I also hate the weather here too. I am living in LA right now and it is too hot this year! Shelley moved to Long Beach because he want to make art here. He is now a fourth semester student in CSULB. This is the third time he has his show in CSULB Gallery. Shelley said that he has to apply for it. I guess there is a wait list. I feel more respect to them after hearing this. They made our Thursday!

Maccabee Shelley previously attended Humboldt University. While taking class there, Shelley discovered that he took art class every semester and got all A. he feels something special in art and want to study about it. He love to make art with ceramics and he had experience with it in about eight years. Ceramics give him the opportunity to play with sciences and building stuff.

IMG_5560 IMG_5563

Shelley’s work is from plastic, glass, ceramics and plaster. He described his work as an ongoing object. It is because he will find more objects and add to this work at anytime he feels like it. He love to look for objects in recycling pins and dumpsters. Shelley’s show is like a way for him to show off what he found around his place.

IMG_5564 IMG_5566

When I stepped in Shelley’s gallery, I feel like I would break something. Everything in here look so raw and easily to fall. All of them are master pieces. They are the work of science and art blend together. I have to step slowly in the gallery and watch carefully as if someone would step on it.

Shelley’s website: http://maccabeeshelley.com


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