Wk10 – Activity – Game Design (Geocaching)

IMG_5595 IMG_5593

This week activity is going out and finding treasure! I was really excited when I was following the compass. I tried to invite some of my friends to go with me on the treasure hunt but they all busy so I had to go alone. One of the reason I invited them because I am really bad at direction. I was so happy when I got there without getting lost. But on the way back I went to the wrong way because there is no map and compass.

The activity gave me the whole different view in the campus that I went to everyday. It gave me the opportunity to go to places that people don’t usually has attention at. I don’t even know there is a green road full of tree next to the stadium. It only took me about 20 mins to go there and get back but I got a really good experience after this.

IMG_5597 IMG_5601

I placed my cache at the SS/PA building. I am having trouble with the coordinate so it will take a while for mine to get publish. I feel really awkward when going around finding a place to hide it.



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