Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

IMG_5572This week artist is Thomas Cressman. His show is in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Cressman named the show Living Forms. he shared that his favorite artist is Alexander Calder. Cressman inspired by his teacher during high school on metal art. He is a fifth year student at the CSULB and currently major in Metal Work. He also mention about his favorite animal, Octopus. He thinks it is a cool marine animal because of the intelligence and camouflage. Cressman loves to work with metal like steel and copper. He likes the ability to bend them the way he wants.

It took about three years for him to finish this gallery show. For each peach it took him about a week to a month to finish. Cressman first starts out with just flat metal piece. He then finding ideas in images, photos. Cressman will picture it in his head and draw it out on paper first before shaping the metal.

IMG_5586 IMG_5585

Thomas Cressman loves metals but he also like aquatic form. He likes the process of transforming a metal piece into something soft and alive. To do this kind of work, he is not only an artist but also a scientist because you have to understand the construction of different kinds of metal and apply different ways to experiment to bend and shape it the way you like.

Cressman inspired us that everything could be done as long as you keep up on your dream. Even a metal piece could turn into an aquatic art form. His gallery gave me the view of colorful art, not just boring pieces of steel. I think this is the way he saw it as “Living Forms”.

Cressman’s Instagram: @thom_cress6


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