Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Arts (Wall Hanging)

il_570xN.497058034_d3elFor this week activity, I want to make something like the picture on the left. This is the week of fiber art. My ideal is this wall hanging piece of art. Unfortunately, It turned out completely different. I couldn’t find the right materials in my local store. Even though I already took an art class in my middle school and learned about how to tie fibers to make art. This activity brought back to me a lot of memories. I started on this project on Friday night and my sister also helped me out. It might look easy but when you really try to do it then it look like something at a completely high level. Below is the real finish piece of art.


I put this piece in my sister’s room. She loves to hang all the stuff on it. Because I can’t tie the fiber without any tutorial. After that I decided to make a wire that I could hang pictures on it. I turned it into an art wall, at least for me. It was fun doing this activity even though I got a little disappointed in myself. You don’t usually see fiber arts in modern day but it gave me the feeling of living in country side.


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