Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

449Kathy Yoon’s show was dated on last Thursday. Yoon is a senior at CSULB. Her show was called “So Many Me’s.” In the Merlino-Gallery, Yoon had the chance to present her art works. She had actually gotten into ceramics but had loved the fact that she could make things in 3D using it. This was Yoon’s first official solo gallery. Her work that presented Yoon’s feelings, expressions, and experiences in her life were in that show. After college, the artist plans to go into character design and wants to work for animation or entertainment studio. But, she wants to continue ceramic as well.

Yoon’s ceramic creations in her most recent gallery were individuals that meant a certain event or emotion that she had felt. In the pictures below are some of her work. Yoon had started these individuals about a year ago with sketches or ideas. After she was done, each statue had taken her about two to three weeks to finish in average.

445 443

These were made using clay and ceramics, and had been burned twice. Most of the art pieces have actual stories behind them, such as the events in Yoon’s life. Some of the emotions in the sculptures are depression, frustration, and loneliness. The artist’s feelings with her art work are portraying her events, life, or emotions she feels. Making these memories into art tend to be amazing, and that’s how it turned out for the artist. Yoon enjoys making ceramics, making her art more meaningful.

To me, how I feel about this art is inspirational or feel what the artist is trying to represent. Seeing all these sculptures being sad, happy, depressed, or other emotions make me wonder more about it and how they came to be their certain emotion. These types of sculptures make you think more or feel more than the average work. It makes me feel more into the art work and I think that’s what the best attributes of Yoon’s work are.

You can see more of Yoon’s work at her Instagram: @Kathy.C.Yoon.


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