Wk12 – Activity – ePortfolio


This week activity is about creating an ePortfolio. I decided to change everything in the page to make it look completely different. At the beginning of class, I chose a basic theme with clear background and white base color. I thought it would make the professor a little easier to look at and score it. Because the class is about art, I set them head image to a picture that I took during the trip to Vietnam, a sun rise image.


This is how it looks after. I chose a theme of gray scale (my favorite color). I changed the font of the title to something more elegant to fit with the color. My target audience is people at my age and I think the trend right now is just something simple but stand out. One of the problem I usually see when going to other classmates’ page is that I don’t know how they look like before finding some “Classmate Conversation” blog post. Because of that reason, I added a logo of my face to the top, a gray scale picture. I also add my middle name initial letter to my name.


I added an About page so it could look more like a portfolio. I began to put everything into three categories from the beginning, “Classmate Conversation”, “Artist Conversation”, and “Activity”. What really cool about this theme is it show the category at the top like a title that every posts unique.


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