Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett

20151119_110956The Artist Conversation this week is about Tyler Turett, which I saw at the Gatov East gallery. Tyler Turett makes animations that are all cartoon type and are made into films and/or storyboards. The artist’s “tools” to make these animations would be After Effects, Photoshop, and Flash. Turett also had a small sculpture of himself that was made out of wire, foil, and a type of putty or clay. Turett also knows how to make animations using paper as a base, all you have to do to see the animation is flip through the pages.


The artist didn’t just use one type of character like some others, he had alien-type creatures, frogs, carrots, cartoon Satan, and of course, regular people as well.Turret enjoys animation and says it is fun because he can make the world however he thinks fit or is funny, and with that, it could help make others laugh. It’s considered an accomplishment to Turett if the viewers find his animations funny. Turett’s inspiration are Disney animations that he saw when he was a kid. He thought that animation was a great or cool thing to be able to do. The artist decided to do animation since with drawing, you couldn’t include the “actions” or “talking” that animations would have.


A community college was where Tyler Turett started first. He then went to CSULB three years ago and started animation about just two years ago. Turett says that at the beginning of animation, he had to draw everything on paper. Later on – and now – the artist uses a machine to draw all his characters, and then transfer to Turett’s computer to then be animated. To learn new tactics/techniques, he tries to make different characters in different ways or points of views.

I could connect with Tyler Turett because as a kid, I often watched anime, or Japanese cartoons, and wondered how the animations came to be what they were. I found Turett’s animations to be interesting and funny because of the fact that he was able to make non-living objects or things into something that was living, talking characters, with their own characteristics or personalities. It was a great idea for Tyler Turret to use these non-living objects in the world and make them have personalities, characteristics, comedic actions, or such so in animations, making the viewer laugh and want more. In my opinion, I think that his animations are great and a good time to watch since these characters are shown.

You can see more of his work at:



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