Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Jonathan Pua


This week classmate is Jonathan Pua! He is a second year college student at CSULB. Jonathan is a Filipino but also part of Chinese. He is studying Hostility Management. During free time, Jonathan likes to play Heart Stone and League of Legend video games. It took him 15 minutes to drive school. During high school, he joined and history of art academy. His favorite color is red. He likes rock music.

For the question of the week, “How do you think about art before and after?” Before having this class, Jonathan thought art is just traditional drawing and painting. but until now, he thinks art could be everything in life. After all the activities and works during this semester, Jonathan have seen many types of art. He was enjoying the class and activities so far.

You could visit his page at: https://jonathaninteractive.wordpress.com/


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