Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Soyeoun Won & Aiyat Abdelhady

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This week classmates are Soy and Aiyat!

Soy is a Korean. She was born in Korea and moved to U.S when she was 7, so English is easier although Soy is fluent in conversational Korean. Soy is 23 years old and at her last semester here in CSULB as a Fashion Merchandising. Aiyat is 20 years old. Her birthday is in the next February. Aiyat’s major is Child Development, however she is starting to rethink her major and may change it to something else. She is currently having two jobs, one at Bobaloca and one at The Marketplace. She loves to spend time with her dogs, workout, hike and see her boyfriend.
For the question of the week, “What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Soy said that the type of art that’s changed her views of art is tattoos. Soy currently has 4 and plan to get more later in the future. She thinks tattoos are one way people can really express themselves–whether it’s realistic, abstract, or even just lettering tattoos. It’s permanent, so most people really think about what they want to be represented on the outside where everyone can see. Aiyat mostly had the same idea as Soy. She says the art that has impacted her or affected her would have to be tattoos. She has two tattoos and want more of course and she also feels like it’s a way of people expressing themselves. They show their own creativity or form of art that they like through their tattoos.
Soy’s website: http://wsoy.wordpress.com/

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