Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Makaila Palmer

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This week in the Gatov East and West Gallery, there were various artists but the work of Makaila Palmer catched my attention. She is majoring in BFA and a sixth year student at CSULB. Palmer has dreamed of becoming an artist at the age of six. She loves nature and that is the main topic for her drawing. Flower is the first thing that she drew.

Makaila Palmer mentioned about her trip to Italy during the second year at CSULB. Palmer says that it was the best experience she ever had. After the trip she then realized how much she wants to do art. The purpose for her to come to Italy was to see Michael Angelo’s art work and get some ideas from him. After that she decided to share her journey through painting. Her work named Dawn, Day, Dusk and an on going process of Night. Each of the pain is a story of her life.

Her first painting is “Dawn”. It is about adolescences. Palmer at that time was trying to figure what she want to do with her life and she saw a very beautiful path. “Day” is for describing her college years at the age of 19 years old. Palmer then figured out she wants to become an artist. “Dusk” is the representation of the end of her college experience. Palmer got the the top of the mountain. “Night” is what she is going to reflect her experience and work that she has accomplished.

Palmer’s specialty for her painting was the colors. her show was amazing on how she described her life with her paintings. Her life was bright and planned throughout. I think it is an inspiration for our students to start thinking about our future carefully and do what we like.

You can reach her at her website: makailapalmer.com


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